Jamaican Healthy Drink: Soursop Lime Drink Health Benefits

aribbean snacks are loved throughout the world for their health benefits and delicious nostalgic island tastes. People from every walk of life dream of going to the Caribbean to experience the tropical weather, the amazing culture, the delicious food, and the exciting tourism opportunities.
One of these delicious snacks is a healthy yet sweet and citrusy feel-good tropical Jamaica drink called Soursop juice. We at Islsnac offer you a complete snacation opportunity and provide the Caribbean vacation experience to your doorstep as soon as you visit the website and choose to order. Our service is quick and amazing and all of your Caribbean cravings will be satisfied.

What is Soursop? You might be thinking, what is this fruit? I’ve never seen it before in my life! Well, no need to worry because you will get to know about it here from us. We are known to make the most amazing soursop juice you can have on planet earth. Soursop is a fruit native to the Caribbean which has a scent similar to pineapple and a taste reminiscent of strawberries and apples with a slight hint of citrus flavor. And all of these traits make for amazing juicing ingredients.

It is said to have a lot of very great natural benefits for the metabolism and the human body. So, you might consider drinking natural soursop drink regularly now to maintain a healthier lifestyle. What is Soursop Juice with Lime? Oh, one thing you need to know is it tastes out of this world! Natural Soursop juice is made up of the pulp of soursop and no artificial flavors or extra ingredients. The black seeds are wasted and after extracting the juice from the soursop pulp, we mix lime in that juice and it could be occasionally garnished with lemon slices if you’re making it at home.

Soursop juice gives you that tropical taste that reminds you of grandma’s cooking. No beverage is better for a summer day than a delicious glass full of natural soursop juice. However, no homemade guanabana juice is as tasty and delicious as Islsnac’s special soursop juice. We make our juice with extra love and a touch of Caribbean flavor that no one else can replicate. You can get this amazing Jamaican healthy juice from our shops whenever you feel like it.

Soursop Juice Benefits: Soursop juice is one of Jamaica’s healthiest inventions and we’re proud to present it to you. Natural Soursop juice is believed to have amazing healing properties as well as proven medical properties helpful to human health. There are many benefits of soursop juice with lime, some of those advantages include; Antioxidants Anti-Inflammation Properties Cancer Prevention Immunity Boost Pain Relief, And many others as well. All these benefits can be used to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Antioxidants: This juice contains the natural pulp of guanabana or soursop which has incredible antioxidant properties. If you don’t know what antioxidants do, they protect the body cells and slow down damage on these cells from the reactions that happen in them due to human interaction with different environments and elements around them. The natural oxidation process that might occur in cells of organisms is halted by the introduction of these antioxidants and thus makes the body cells healthier and stronger.

Soursop is considered to be a super fruit containing a ton of antioxidants and its juice is therefore renowned all over the world as the tastiest healthiest Jamaican cold beverage in existence. These antioxidants in the soursop juice provide metabolic stability and better health to all the healthy lifestyle enthusiasts and it tastes surprisingly delicious as well.

Anti-Inflammation Properties: Another fascinating medical benefit that soursop juices include its anti-inflammatory property. This can be used around the world in patients suffering from different inflammation diseases. Stomach Inflammation is a chronic or recurring disease where the stomach acids are unstable. You will experience a burning feeling in your belly and if you encounter this problem you should drink soursop juice.

The anti-inflammation properties of soursop juice balance the level of acids in the stomach and make sure that the stomach burn and pain are relieved by the use of this juice. Here at Islsnac, we offer amazing soursop juice at an extremely low price with natural pulp that contains this as well as many other beneficial properties for you to take advantage of.

Cancer Prevention: This is a major breakthrough in the case of cancer prevention and cancer treatment. Guanabana is considered to be a fruit that has healing properties that can be used to treat cancer as well as prevent its introduction into the body. Extensive studies and scientific journals have been published over the use of soursop against the cancer tumors in the body and its cancer healing properties, so it is not just a baseless claim, it is a scientific fact and you should believe it.

You might ask the question, how could a fruit treat cancer? Well, the answer is quite simple. The tumors of cancer are also a result of oxidation and the antioxidant properties of soursop can help reduce the size of the tumors, thus helping in the treatment of various cancers. Due to these reasons, soursop juice is also used as an alternative treatment method for cancer patients.

Immunity Boost-up: Due to its citrus characteristics, soursop juice is rich in terms of vitamin C and is therefore very good at boosting the natural immunity of the human body in general. The immune system requires different vitamins and concentration of nutrients in a calculated amount to be able to prevent and fight off viruses and diseases that might a way into your body.

The immunity-boosting properties of soursop found in the soursop juice are thus very good for human health and help you in strengthening your immune system so new diseases and viruses cannot disrupt your metabolism and the default working of your system. Understanding this fact, we make sure at Islsnac that the product that we deliver to your doorstep is nothing but the purest and most delicious version of the soursop juice, so you can have the health benefits without encountering any problems.

Pain Relief: Whether you have body pain, muscle pain, or have any disease that might be causing discomfort or such, soursop juice has the property of dealing with that pain instantaneously. With its pain-relieving properties, you can use this drink to lessen pain without having to take painkillers and the adverse effects that they might have on your body and immune system.

Soursop has been applied directly to the hurting areas of the body and proved to be pain-relieving. In juice form, you can drink it and reduce any internal muscle or joint pain or any discomfort that your organs might be facing. These are some of the health benefits worth mentioning. Bear in mind, you may not be able to find soursop in your area at all, so the best bet to benefit from all these advantages is to come to us, and get the best guanabana juice that your taste buds desire. All your tropical cravings can be fulfilled here at Islsnac.

Is there any allergic reaction to Soursop Juice? No, not really. Soursop juice has been consumed for ages and not one allergic reaction cases have surfaced. The reason is that soursop is a super fruit that is filled with all the health benefits and none of the adverse effects.

About Islsnac Caribbean Snack Shop: Islsnac is a revolutionary online Caribbean island snacation website that offers a variety of Caribbean snacks and services that includes Soursop Juice with lime, Caribbean bread pudding along with other traditional dessert snacks, snacation spa, and fitness center. We at Islsnac make snack boxes that are portioned generously with magically fragrant herbs, Caribbean nuts, tropical exotic fruits, wheat, and spices known for health properties used on many tropical islands around the world. We make sure that each of our customers’ experience is delightful, nostalgic, filled with tropical extravaganza.

Our team comprises of hardworking and dedicated workers that want you to experience the same memories that they experienced in their youths that were filled with culture and traditional healthy snacks and many authentic Caribbean desserts. All the fragrant and sweet spices are so rich and reminiscent of Caribbean flavors and environment that our customers feel like they’re sitting on a beach in the Caribbean sipping on their Guanabana juices, eating fresh and delicious snacks while enjoying amazing customer service.

Now that you’ve read about the exciting and magical health benefits of drinking natural soursop juice, we are sure you would like to experience the Caribbean through our point of view. You can join us with a monthly subscription or easily order a tropical snacation at your home which you’ll never be able to forget. Islsnac is forever ready to share with you the beauty of simplicity and mildness through captivating fragrance, relaxation, delightful taste, and uncompromising good health offered by their rich traditional snacks and beverages along with fitness and spa services. Does it all sound too good to be true? We invite you to take a tour of our snacation snack shop and see for yourself!

How We Rebranded, Redesigned & Redefined a Small Business

A Case Study on Innovative Sleep Solutions, Surrey, BC
The team at eVision Media loves helping small business owners rebrand—from bringing website redesign ideas to life to increasing engagement on social media.

It’s not only because we’re passionate about the work, but also because we love seeing our entrepreneurs succeed.

Now, I know it’s almost silly to mention how challenging a year 2020 has been for small businesses. I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times!

But the fact that it was such a difficult year for many small businesses made the rebranding work we’re doing for a small business like Innovative Sleep Solutions that much more impactful.

Innovative Sleep Solutions’ original website wasn’t supporting or increasing leads or sales at all. They had a finicky shopping cart system that was challenging to use.

The site featured an outdated design and a lack of compelling SEO copy. There was no mention of their values or health-centred approach, which are what set them apart from the big-box stores.

In the past, Dave and Terry had also been using more traditional advertising campaigns such as radio, TV, print and even boards at Rogers Arena to attract the attention of Canucks fans.

With numerous technical and marketing/branding issues, they weren’t getting any online sales.

While they were getting in-store purchases before COVID-19 came along, the pandemic put a stop to that.

Innovative Sleep Solutions needed to pivot fast and create a robust eCommerce site and implement a new online marketing strategy.

It was time for a fresh approach, so this is how we modernized Innovative Sleep Solutions’ brand to give them a competitive edge going into 2021.

A complete brand and website redesign. From the logo to the product pages, we made sure Innovative Sleep Solutions’ branding was consistent and engaging across all pages of the website.

Like we do with every client, we started with an in-depth brand analysis to define their unique selling proposition (USP), target audience, company vision, brand positioning and more.

This analysis reinforced the need to give their existing logo a brand refresh. It was not only outdated, but it did not reflect the healthy vibe that was needed to position them differently from other mattress and bed sellers.

The logo redesign process was a collaborative one bringing David and Terry into the mix every step of the way, ensuring the final design was one they loved and knew represented their brand positioning accurately.

Another one of our website redesign initiatives was to come up with a new tagline to differentiate the company from their big-box competitors. Because the owners pride themselves on selling natural, organic and made-in-Canada products wherever possible, “Sleep Healthier. Live Better” was the winning statement.

Our next step was to develop our website tech specs, keyword analysis and site mock-ups. (A mock-up is a layout that shows what elements will be on a web page. You don’t just start creating menus, slapping on images and putting in links on a live page!)

It’s important for small business owners to understand there’s so much more to a website redesign than picking logo colours and font sizes!

For example, a big part of the process is taking the user experience into consideration. What process flow will they go through to ensure an easy experience while on the site?

When designing and developing the Innovative site, we wanted to make sure site visitors immediately know they are in the right place and can easily find the products they need.

Additionally, ensuring a site looks great on any device, from desktops to smartphones is critical. Images and font sizes may look perfect on your computer but break or look crowded on a phone screen.

While there’s a great deal of creativity involved in implementing website redesign ideas, a lot of your success depends on well-executed web development.

Since we don’t use cookie-cutter templates, purchased themes, or DIY 3rd party site builders, our clients know they are getting the best quality-built site that will showcase their brand perfectly. The Innovative site was built in WordPress using a customized WooCommerce plugin for the shopping cart system. We also integrated Constant Contact for list building and having the ability to send abandoned cart emails to those who leave the site without finishing their purchase.

As you can see, unless you’re a marketing/technical/designer guru, rebranding your business isn’t a DIY project. There are too many important branding, programming and implementation elements at stake. No matter what industry you’re in, you should consider hiring a full-service professional web design and development company.


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I’m sure you’ve landed on someone’s website and felt like something was just… wrong; or maybe you were suddenly turned off without even knowing why.

Chances are, you quickly clicked back to find a competitor’s website, where you felt more comfortable and secure.

Your visitors could feel the same way if you don’t pay attention to how you come across to your target audience. That’s why it’s crucial to identify your brand style before you redesign your website.

In this article, I’m going to share five questions you need to answer to determine your business brand identity and create the most effective website possible.

Read more on our website.

~~~~~ Compelling, benefit-driven copywriting. People aren’t going to buy from a small business if the copy focuses heavily on product specs or lacks a cohesive story. It’s when you start to talk about why someone wants what you’re selling that you can truly reach your target audience.

An additional challenge for Innovative Sleep Solutions: they’re selling high-end products at the lowest price, but buying a mattress is still a considerable investment.

So, we knew we needed to quickly capture people’s attention with the right copy, rather than highlighting price points.

As part of our online marketing strategy, we looked for what problems each product solved. For example, a lifestyle adjustable bed is ideal for not only people with a medical condition such as acid reflux, but also for folks who like to read or use a laptop in bed.

Similarly, we learned a magnet therapy mattress acts like a mini electric heating pad to stimulate blood flow and deliver nutrients to repair and heal damaged tissues while you sleep. You wake up pain-free and rejuvenated.

Isn’t that much more interesting than product specs?

Innovative Sleep Solutions’ online marketing strategy also includes landing pages and blog posts with carefully chosen keywords to further explain the benefits of their products and maximize SEO for more organic traffic.

Strategic ongoing SEO, SEM & social media campaigns. Our work doesn’t end when the website is complete! To help Dave and Terry stay competitive, make sales, increase leads and engage their audience, we have now turned our focus to concentrated SEO, SEM and social media campaigns.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a non-paid online marketing strategy that centres around optimizing your website and content with words and phrases that people would type into a search engine.

By doing keyword and competitor research, we created target keywords to use across the website and within copy.

SEM stands for search engine marketing, also known as paid search. The most commonly used paid search tool is Google Ads.

By buying traffic that drives to the website, we’re fast-tracking the site’s way to the top of the search results, and hopefully increasing sales.

We can drive paid traffic to any page or product on the site.

We do this effectively by:

? Targeting geographic areas ? Creating ad campaigns that speak to the target audiences in those areas ? Writing relevant ad copy that will entice and compel their target audience to click on the ad ? Monitoring continually for clicks, impressions and conversions

SEM can be a great online marketing strategy to ramp up at the time of a site launch; you can then reduce your paid ad budget as you move higher up in the organic search results with SEO.

We’re also sprinting forward with an Instagram-centric social media campaign that visually showcases their healthy sleep solutions.

The process of bringing website redesign ideas to life is a collaborative, iterative one. It takes proper planning, working with a professional marketing team and testing and tweaking as you go!

It took lots of communicating and working together to get to the finalized Innovative Sleep Solutions site. But we love the process, and we now have another website and rebranding project to be proud of!

Choosing The Right Photos For Your Website & Online Brand

How smart companies use images to boost their online presence
You might think for an agency that does so much web design and blogging, we’re just writing and geeking out on code all day.

And that’s partly true – we do do a lot of writing and custom coding (see why custom built websites are usually your best bet here).

But part of being a good digital agency is understanding the role that visuals play, both in creating a website and fostering an online brand and presence.

Forget the old saying. Online, a picture is worth way more than a thousand words.

That’s why today we’re covering how to choose photos for your website and online marketing that will really pop and make potential clients remember you.

And don’t worry. Even if you don’t have the budget for a fancy photographer, there’s still plenty of ways to get great images for your website, which we’ll also cover below.

Using Images in Marketing

Humans are visual creatures, and that doesn’t magically change when we go online. That’s why using images for online brand marketing is critical.

Every image you share should invoke an emotion and represent your brand identity – whatever makes you, you. Sure, taglines and content are incredibly important (and critical if you want to rank on Google).

But images tap into and relay your uniqueness in an instant. In fact, neuroscientists at MIT have determined that it only takes 13 milliseconds to process an entire image.

So if you want to create a connection with your audience in an instant, then crisp, beautiful photos that represent your brand well are the way to go.

Today’s customers want to connect with authentic brands. The better you’re able to serve them stunning images that paint a picture, the more likely they are to become raving fans. And the more likely they are to become ambassadors for you.

In fact, a study from BuzzSumo found that articles using an image once every 75-100 words received double the social media shares as articles with fewer images.

Clearly, images matter, and can dramatically improve your website content.


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When thinking of your product or service what comes to mind? What do people envision? What characteristics do they attach to what you provide? And does it stand out from your competitors?

When building a memorable business brand, these are important questions to consider; otherwise, you risk losing valuable business because your brand isn’t differentiated enough from others who are going after the same target audience as you.

Your brand should invoke an identity, an emotion, characteristics and something that makes you, you. This is where that differentiation comes into play – tapping into and relaying your uniqueness.

Read More On our website


Importance of Images in Web Design

Given the fact that at least 38% of users will stop engaging with an unattractive website design, using attractive images in your website is a no-brainer.

But images do so much more for your website.

First, images on your website can improve your search engine optimization (SEO).

When Google scans your website, it looks at all your content, including your images. So good, optimized images can improve your Google rankings.

In fact, website content with images gets 94% more views than content without. So if you want more traffic, you need to use more photos on your website.

Using images properly can also keep people on your website longer.

And the stakes are even higher if you run an ecommerce website. According to this Kissmetrics study, 93% of buyers consider visual appearance to be the most important factor when making a purchase!

And like we’ve covered, images also keep users more engaged.

Remember that people are busy, and they tend to scan through websites. Breaking your text up with shorter paragraphs, and interspersed with interesting photos and infographics, can help make your website more accessible and user friendly

Of course, this only works if you’re using images properly. This means using only relevant and attractive images, with small file sizes. It’s also best to use images of people as much as possible.

We’ve compiled a go-to list of all the best practices for using photos and graphics in web design – on our website.

And remember, one of the most important elements of using images on your website or other online efforts is to ensure that you only use photos which you own or have the right to use, which we cover next.

How To Choose Photos For Your Website

So how to actually choose photos for your website?

First, think about the first impression you want to give. Create a brand guide that includes your brand colours and fonts, but also what look and feel you want your imagery to portray. And decide what types of images should and should not appear.

Ultimately, you want to be using high-quality images that deliver purpose and meaning. And it’s critical you have the right to use them.

If you have the budget to work with a photographer – great! Be sure to work with one who is willing to learn about your brand guide and work closely with you to create just the right images. This is one time where it really pays to be picky.

And if you don’t have the budget to work with a photographer – great! There are so many options for great stock photography available now, which can be much more affordable, or even free.

For paid stock photos, we recommend Depositphotos, which we’ve used for years without a hitch.

And if you’re just starting out and need to stick to free photos, check out Unsplash, which has a large amount of beautiful stock photos that are free to use, without attribution or permissions, for all commercial and non-commercial purposes.

When choosing stock photos, you need to be even more careful about choosing images that represent your brand well. Try to avoid stock photos where people are looking directly at the camera, which tend to be a bit cheesier and less authentic.

Finally, remember that visual clutter is actually a bad thing. Try to focus on using a few great images, smartly arranged. A good web developer can help ensure your website looks great and converts well, using just the right combination of beautiful images, captivating written content, and well-placed calls-to-action.

The better you’re able to use photos in your website and online marketing, the better you’ll be able to connect with your audience.

My team helps small businesses create just the right brand, along with website design, SEO and digital marketing. Contact us today to get started with an attractive brand that showcases your company perfectly.